Jan 04
by TucknDar | 04 Jan : 10:50 |
Finally got around to updating the MiniCap alias for FARR! Based on some comments and some ideas I had I've changed a couple of things.
  • Reordered the commands a bit
  • Removed the crash-window stuff. Don't think it's too useful, as it's pretty much just as fast to use regular capturing.
  • Uses user variable in FARR, defaults to saving in "%MYPICTURES%\Screenshots\Minicap\"

Please let me know if something's wrong or could be improved. Feedback should preferably go in this thread: http://www.donationcoder.com/Forums/bb/index.php?topic=14194.0
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Jul 31
by TucknDar | 31 Jul : 01:26 |

Well, not that experimental. This new versions has support for DCUpdater and also includes the latest version of MiniCap. There's a new command in MiniCap, -promptsave, that I've added to the current border shadow capture. -promptsave immediately provides you with a "Save as..." dialog after capture, then exits when you've saved your screenshot. Very useful for quick, nice screenshots that you want to use in a forum post or similar.


Please let me know if there's something wrong or you want something added/changed



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